About Us

About RadioYo

At RadioYo we're out to disrupt traditional radio by offering people richer experiences and new possibilities.

No more excuses hating your radio. At RadioYo... you run the show . No fancy equipment or expensive software is required. Just host your own free radio show with our platform from anywhere in the world, and effortlessly distribute, publish and monetize your content.

Participation, Empowerment and Standing up and Being Heard

There is nothing holding you back from hosting a radio show you're passionate about whether it's politics, national affairs, sports, entertainment and lifestyle, arts and culture, education, business, cooking, travel or religion.


Turn your hobby of travel or love of sports into a second income by hosting your own show on RadioYo.

Free speech

Tired of reading and listening to what state sponsored media wants you to read and hear?
Speak up with RadioYo.

Cut the legalese

Legal stories don’t have to be complicated.
Cut through the barriers and tell stories regarding the US legal system with RadioYo.


Use RadioYo to tell stories and explain STEM issues in new and unique ways.

New Journalism

Expose wrongdoing and illustrate social issues through investigative journalism with RadioYo.

Check the power

You can also use RadioYo to provide a check on people who we empower, by making certain that they can't hide the corrupt and abusive things they do with that power.

Agents of Change

We all have obsessions and personalities that are ripe for creating content. Here's your clarion call. The time for sitting idly by is over and the time for taking charge is here. Change starts with you. Believe in it. Be the change you want to see around you.

You have a voice, use it.
If you don’t show your sympathies, who will?
If you do not articulate your values and beliefs, who will?

RadioYo is nothing without the courageous and committed men and women who come forward, take a stand and have their voices heard.

At RadioYo we’re busting down barriers and looking to put a dent in the universe. RadioYo is for people who are not afraid to speak up.

They’re authentic and sincere, the two most powerful tools in life. RadioYo Hosts speak from the gut. They’re willing to take a stand on the issues of the day and have the rough edges that thrill some and piss off others.

Use RadioYo to broadcast live online radio shows or broadcast prerecorded podcast episodes. How you use the platform is up to you, and both are free.

  “RadioYo....Where You Run the Show.”

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